The GaitLine Effect

8 out 10 have positive impact wearing GaitLine

Through extensive research, we developed a shoe that supports and balances your feet in a completely unique way. When you put on a pair of GaitLine shoes, you feel the effect immediately.

The foot-impact on the entire body

You walk an average of 6,000 steps every day. That's over 2,000,000 steps a year. The majority of these steps take place on hard and flat surfaces. Each step affects joints and muscles throughout the body.

The foot carries your body weight in every step you take

If your foot moves incorrectly, it can have a negative impact that spreads up the body. With poor foot posture, you risk straining your feet, knees, hips, and back.

That's why we developed GaitLine

GaitLine is designed to help you achieve a natural gait by supporting the foot's natural movement pattern. The shoes have a unique sole construction that is designed to balance the foot and provide better stability and interaction throughout the body when standing and walking.

GaitLine corrects the foot, balances the body, and reduces strain ailments

Sensory GaitLine (SGL)

The patented outsole technology, The Sensory GaitLine Technology, is designed to activate the sensory cells in the foot in a specific way. Sensory cells of the foot communicate with neuro cells in the brain. Proper sensory input from the foot will enhance postural stability and balance while standing and walking.

Natural movement

The outsole construction has a defined geometric shape that is designed to support the foot posture; the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles in a natural way while also providing good shock absorption during heel impact.

Experience, research, and innovation

The founder of GaitLine, Håvard Engell, gained his expertise as a professional ballet dancer and as a coach at Olympiatoppen (the Olympic Sports Center). 

At Olympiatoppen, he was responsible for technical performance, balance, and injury prevention in 30 different sports. Håvard is world-renowned for his knowledge of balance and gait, an experience he has incorporated into GaitLine. The shoe technology is based on biomechanical and neurological research and based on how the foot moves throughout the gait cycle.

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The physiotherapist's favorite shoe

"GaitLine is a shoe I recommend to everyone. It has a supportive sole, is comfortable, and versatile. My clients experience that the shoes can reduce and prevent muscle and skeletal problems." - Physiotherapist Marthe Strandbakke

8 out of 10 GaitLine customers believe the shoe has a positive impact on their daily life

Overwhelming results

We engaged IPSOS MMI to ask our customers if the shoes really work.

8 out of 10 customers responded that GaitLine had a positive impact on their physical health and performance in everyday life, and experienced less discomfort after a day in GaitLine compared to other shoes. 

9 out of 10 customers with foot problems experienced less pain in their feet. Foot pain includes conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and hallux valgus. 

8 out of 10 experienced less pain in their feet, knees, and lower back.

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Customer reviews

"I have had many GaitLine shoes over the years, and it is the only shoe brand I can wear for hours on hard surfaces without getting tired or getting back pain. Indispensable :) This model (Motion Retro) also has a fantastic, cool design!»

 - Ellen

The best shoes I have ever had. I wear a size 36 and have hallux valgus which causes me to get painful feet very quickly. Also, I am a nurse and walk a lot. For the first time in my 44 years, I bought shoes that fit perfectly and I have no pain at all. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

- Maja