Why I Use GaitLine

I love being active in my everyday life, both during workouts or in between. Over the last few years, I've developed a strong preference for dressing practically so that I'm eager to move from place to place and throughout the day, while still looking presentable and cool - in that regard, GaitLine and I are a perfect match! Taking 10-15,000 steps is no problem with these shoes, they give a fantastic feeling and I notice in my body and stride that they help me into a good position and a good step.

About me

I am a 33 year old woman living in Drammen with my husband and a 3, soon to be 4-year-old kid. I am a physical and mental trainer, as well as a trained journalist - I have written two books about exercise, and today I live by sharing content about head and body training on social media, as well as running two online services, TRENT and STERKERE, in addition to online courses for pregnant women and for those who have given birth. You can always find more info about me and my activities on Piaseeberg.no or on social media.

My Best Tips for an Active and Good Everyday Life

Dress in a way that does not limit you! Dress so that you want to take the stairs, walk from one meeting to another, get off the bus a couple of stops earlier or walk to pick up from kindergarten. Clothes and equipment that you are comfortable in facilitate movement, and thanks to this, I nail my goal of 10-15,000 steps every day. Everyday activity is one of the factors that can have the most impact on our health, so making it possible to achieve this every day is a great goal for everyone!

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