Our Story

As a former Ballet dancer, Håvard Engell gained a unique and practical understanding of human motor control and the body`s sensory system. During his studies and later as a Coach of the Olympic Sports Center in Oslo, Norway. Responsible for technical performance, balance, and injury prevention, for over 30 different sports, he developed a passion for balance and gait.

Inherently curious, with human comfort in mind, he asked himself why shoes correcting people's balance, was absent in the footwear industry. With that spirit, he poured his experience into a sole technology and the GaitLine journey began.

After Years of passion for balance and gait, through science and Olympic medals, Håvard teamed up with his son, Andreas Engell, a marketing and branding expert. Together, they crafted a revolutionary sole technology made especially for walking in urban society, adding comfort to the sole of sneakers. The outcome?

An entirely new category of sneakers inspired with the foot in mind and an ongoing mission to create the world`s most comfortable sneakers that optimize your body.

The world's most comfortable sneakers

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