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Worlds most comfortable walking shoes?

Far too many people develop sport and stress-related injuries in their feet, knees, and back. There has been extensive research on the prevention of running and walking injuries, but no one has found a solution. Until now.

GaitLine claims to have produced the “World’s most comfortable walking shoes”. For many, this simply entails a lightweight, cushioned shoe, but GaitLine has produced a shoe that optimizes the movements of the body and feet. In order to live up to the claim of the “World’s most comfortable walking shoes”, GaitLine engaged the services of IPSOS MMI (global leaders in market research). We asked our customers: Do the shoes really work?

1034 interviews were conducted68% women and 32% men 90% of the 35+ groupCustomers had used the shoes for 3 to 12 months

The results were overwhelming.

Eight out of ten customers responded that GaitLine had made a positive impact on their physical health and daily performance. They also experienced fewer problems after a day of wearing GaitLine, compared to other shoes.

Nine out of ten customers with foot problems experienced less foot pain. Foot pain may include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or hallux valgus.

Eight out of ten experienced less pain in their feet, knees, and lower back.

Nine out of ten stated that GaitLine shoes were good for standing and walking, and that they fit well.

SGL technology helps improve your gait

GaitLine’s primary goal is to improve your gait and keep you feeling healthy. The proper gait involves a pattern of movements that put optimal pressure on your feet and on the rest of your body. GaitLine provides an immediate sense of balance. When walking on hard and flat surfaces, it is essential to have shoes adapted for this purpose. GaitLine activates the foot and lifts the midfoot. This shoe actively corrects the position of the heel and balances the foot with each step. This affects your entire posture and optimises the body’s movements.


A shoe brand developed in Norway

The founder, Håvard Engell, is a former professional ballet dancer. For fifteen years, he worked for the Norwegian Olympic Team (Olympiatoppen), in charge of technique and motion analysis.

By working closely with athletes on Norwegian national teams, who have won dozens of Olympic gold medals, he developed a unique expertise on the importance of feet for optimal athletic performance. The most highly skilled athletes and ballet dancers have an exceptional understanding of feet, their importance for performance, and in achieving balance and symmetry throughout the body.