"GaitLine shoes are the best shoes I've used at work"

Norwegian tech success producing the world's best walking shoes.

I love them!​

"I walk a lot in my daily work. I love the comfort and the way my foot gets to 'rest' even though I'm at work. A big bonus is the stylish look! Both me, colleagues and patients are in a good mood. I love them!"

  • Nurse, Marit, 43 years old

"I quickly take 15,000 steps during a shift. The shoes I choose must withstand that. GaitLine are the best shoes I have used at work."​​

  • Nurse, Peter, 35 years old

"Definitely the best shoes when you work long days on hard surfaces!"​​

  • Irene, 44 years old

Do you walk on hard and flat surfaces like me?

"In everyday life, I choose GaitLine shoes, which are adapted to hard and flat surfaces. They are Norwegian developed shoes that optimize my body and keep my back pain-free."​​

  • Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, alpine skier
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Patented SGL sole technology

How can a shoe help you with everything from correcting poor posture to reducing back pain? The answer lies in that the GaitLine shoe's sole technology corrects the foot's position and movement when you stand and walk. Then the rest of the body is affected.

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Balanced Norwegian tech success

• The shoe brand GaitLine aims to influence the foot to a correct movement pattern for a balanced life.

• In today's society, we walk more on asphalt and concrete than in rough terrain. We don't stress our bodies naturally in a constructed urban environment, so we need a little help.

• Håvard Engell, founder of GaitLine, decided to create a "pill" under the foot to help modern humans in everyday life. That's when the patented SGL technology was created.

• The technology in GaitLine is created for balance throughout the body, whether you are a top athlete seeking restitution or an everyday hero who walks and stands on hard surfaces.

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GaitLine Fact Box

• A GaitLine shoe optimizes the step from heel to forefoot. The sole consists of 4 different components. ​

• The sole has a stiffer outer frame that controls the runway from heel to forefoot. Inside the frame consists of soft damping material that gives a unique damping feeling. This is not experienced until you put on the shoes. ​

• A nylon plate is molded in, actively balancing the foot's movement path. ​

• The outsole has a cylindrical structure called arch-roller. This helps the midfoot into its natural arch. This is why most people do not use insoles in GaitLine.​

• Balancing body weight optimally is crucial for good body posture, performance and preventing strain injuries. ​

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Customer survey of GaitLine

8 out of 10 customers believe GaitLine has a positive impact on health and performance in everyday life.

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Frequently asked questions when ordering shoes

What is the difference between women's and men's shoes?
All GaitLine shoes are unisex. This means that all sizes are equal and all models fit both women and men. Only size varies. The sizes range from 36-47. Note, some shoes are only in the women's category, these are shoes that are in sizes 36-43.

Is there a difference in technology?
No. All our models have SGL technology that works the same on the body. Materials in both sole and upper are what differentiate our shoes.

How is the size?
Our sizes are based on standard sizes. If you are normally a 38, you are also a 38 in GaitLine. However, we experience some differences and some shoes can feel small in size. These are marked in the product text. Always read this before ordering.

How to treat shoes for longer life?
We recommend everyone to waterproof all shoes before use. This is so that the shoes can stay nice more easily, be easier to clean, and withstand weather and wind. The lifespan of GaitLine technology is 2.5 times longer than regular running shoes due to material selection.