Why I use GaitLine

As a physiotherapist with many years of experience, I am highly dependent on functional and comfortable shoes in my everyday life. "Previously, I could experience back pain after a long workday around the treatment bench, but with GaitLine shoes on my feet, my problems have completely disappeared". I discovered GaitLine shoes as the solution to the need for an everyday shoe that could handle the hard surfaces both I and my patients often encounter.

About me

Today, I work at Nydalen Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, after becoming a certified physiotherapist in 2016. I have been working at the clinic since then, with my background from studying in Copenhagen. Before I became a physiotherapist, I was an active athlete, especially in handball and football. I also trained as a muscle therapist at Axelsons in 2010, personal trainer in 2011, and dietary advisor in 2012.

My tips for a better everyday life

I always try to give my patients good tools to create quick changes in their everyday lives. One of my most important recommendations is the use of GaitLine shoes. "Whether you walk a little or a lot, GaitLine is a shoe I recommend to everyone - it has a robust sole, is comfortable, practical, and most importantly it can reduce and prevent musculoskeletal problems."

Illustrasjon av effekten en GaitLine sko gir

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If you put on a pair of GaitLine shoes, you will instantly feel the effect.

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