This is what GaitLine employees are giving away for Christmas. When the winter chill sets in and Christmas music plays in the office, it's time to start the hunt for this year's Christmas gifts. At GaitLine, we believe it's important to give joy and gifts that can enrich the coming year.

See our Christmas gift tips

"With World Cup PRO, you will walk in a natural and effortless way."

With GaitLine shoes on your feet, everyone, of all ages, can rediscover a good stride."
Founder, Håvard, gladly gives Kikut TRX and World Cup PRO as Christmas gifts.


"Perfect for mountain and forest hikes, while also looking great in the city."

Marketing Manager Stine's best gift tips are Tracer TRX and World Cup PRO.


"The perfect comfortable everyday shoes that go with everything."

Salesperson Martine chooses Tracer TRX and Advance PRO as Christmas gifts for her loved ones!


"My best gift tip is World Cup PRO, which, alongside the technology, has a lightweight midsole with excellent cushioning and response."

Designer Petter's best gift tips are Tracer TRX and World Cup PRO.


"Silver Mid is my best gift tip because they are fantastic for long winter walks.

Customer Service, Anna Carina, has Silver Mid 2.0 and Float 2.0 as her gift favorites.


Three reasons why GaitLine shoes are the perfect gift

  1. GaitLine technology – support through every step. Our shoes feature innovative technology, providing support for anyone valuing comfort and seeking reliable footwear for daily wear. 8 out of 10 individuals notice the remarkable effects after wearing our shoes.

  2. High quality and durability: Our shoes are made to last and to be a reliable companion through several seasons. A gift that lasts due to carefully selected materials.

  3. Timeless style and functional shoes: Our shoes stand the test of time. A gift that never goes out of style and makes everyday life better - every day.