Christmas is about giving something that truly matters. GaitLine shoes are more than just footwear – they represent an investment in comfort, style, and a better everyday life.

Select a gift based on lifestyle and needs and witness the joy last throughout the year.

Here are our recommendations:

For the hiker

For the avid hiker or nature enthusiast who enjoys the mountains, woods, and walks with the dog.

Tracer TRX: Waterproof, durable, anti-slip, and designed to reach new heights. Perfect for walks in the forest or daily use in urban settings.

Route TRX: Versatile, water-resistant, and with excellent grip. Perfect for brief outings, playing with children, and strolling in the city.

Note! We recommend going up half a size.


For the one who gets chilly

A perfect gift for those who need warm and comfortable shoes during winter.

Silver Mid: Bestselling winter boots with lovely lining for warmth and comfort in cold winter conditions.

Kikut: Crafted from Italian leather with high insulation capacity. Enhanced sole pattern for added warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Note! We recommend going up half a size.


"I just love walking in these shoes, and they have such great design too! I'm on my fourth pair."

-Happy customer

For the fitness enthusiast

Perfect for those who always goes the extra mile during their workouts. 

World Cup PRO: Engineered with a sole that delivers exceptional cushioning, the market's best rebound, and has very low weight. This is not just a shoe; it's your training partner responding to every step.

Note! We recommend going up half a size.


For those who walk a lot at work

Shop employees, nurses, doctors, hairdressers, and teachers, these shoes are tailored for your needs.

Track Knit: A lightweight shoe offering exceptional breathability and featuring a knitted upper for an ideal fit. 

Advance PRO: The shoe material is incredibly flexible, adjusting seamlessly to the foot's movements throughout the day. With excellent breathability and a sole that offers remarkable cushioning.

Note! We recommend going up half a size.


Three reasons why GaitLine shoes make the ideal gift:

  1. GaitLine technology – support through every step. Our shoes feature innovative technology, providing support for anyone valuing comfort and seeking reliable footwear for daily wear. 8 out of 10 individuals notice the remarkable effects after wearing our shoes.

  2. High quality and durability: Our shoes are made to last and to be a reliable companion through several seasons. A gift that lasts due to carefully selected materials.

  3. Timeless style and functional shoes: Our shoes stand the test of time. A gift that never goes out of style and makes everyday life better -every day.