"Through many years as a top athlete, the strain on my body has been extreme. I am completely dependent on my feet, knees and back functioning optimally. When I'm not training, I need a shoe that balances my feet for the least possible wear and tear on the body. GaitLine is the only shoe that does just that."

– Aleksander Aamodt Kilde.

The optimal shoe for hard surfaces

GaitLine introduces - World Cup PRO

"I am proud to release my signature shoe with GaitLine. It's ultralight with the perfect combination of superior responsiveness and extreme cushioning. Choosing GaitLine shoes instead of back pain was an easy choice – it works and I can really feel the difference!”

– Aleksander Aamodt Kilde

"GaitLine has helped me get rid of back pain and keeps my body injury-free outside of training.» – Aleksander A. Kilde

About the collaboration

As one of the world's fastest alpine skiers, Aleksander A. Kilde trains rigorously, putting both his body and brain to the test. A few years ago, he experienced back pain and was introduced to GaitLine shoes. After using the shoes for a few weeks, he noticed a significant improvement in his back. Aleksander was fascinated by the patented SGL technology and how it enhances the feet and optimizes the body, leading to a groundbreaking collaboration. 

Norwegian Intelligent Sports Technology

GaitLine expanded its collaboration with Aleksander A. Kilde when he joined the team in 2020 to develop his signature shoe, the World Cup PRO. The goal of the project was to create a lighter shoe with increased cushioning and response, while also providing a unique walking experience and promoting positive health effects with a focus on longevity and future recycling.

Secret Weapon for Hunting a Tenth of a Second

Håvard Engell, the founder of GaitLine Footwear, honed his skills as a coach at the Olympic Sports Center (OSC) in Oslo for over 15 years. There, he was responsible for enhancing the technical performance, balance, and injury prevention of more than 30 sports. Engell has gained international recognition for his expertise in balance and gait, which he has brought to GaitLine. Aleksander A. Kilde always places importance on the overall picture, seeking ways to improve efficiency. As an alpine skier, every fraction of a second counts and there is always room for improvement in speed and performance. He is constantly striving to do everything better than before."

Together with Håvard, Aleksander teamed up with Oslo MET (University of Oslo) for a groundbreaking brain science experiment to uncover the connection between sensory receptors in the feet and brain activation, which can also be applied to ski boots. "My focus is on accuracy and identifying the specific factors that will improve my performance. I set multiple goals to keep myself motivated and gain a deeper understanding of myself," says Aleksander A. Kilde.

Unique Cushioning

After two years of close collaboration between GaitLine, Norwegian Alpine Skier Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, Head of Design Petter Nordbø, and Industi Design Studio Permafrost, we launched the IGNITE PRO, a revolutionary midsole material with a 74% rebounce rate. The combination of rebounce and the patented SGL technology provides a unique walking experience.

Ignite PRO

GaitLine™ is a Norwegian footwear company specializing in innovative and advanced footwear. Our products are based on the patented Sensory GaitLine Technology™, a sole construction that optimizes weight distribution in the foot during standing and walking.