How can GaitLine help with painful knees?

Shoes for sore knees

Do you have sore knees and wonder what you can do to alleviate the pain? The cause of knee problems may be due to incorrect foot movements. Learn more and see our selection of shoes for sore knees here.

Sore knees can be incredibly bothersome. It limits the freedom of movement, exercise activities, and participation in social gatherings. Therefore, it's important to take care of your knees to avoid wear injuries and pain.

8 out of 10 GaitLine users report improvement after a short time of use.

What is the cause of sore knees?

There can be many different causes of knee pain, such as acute injuries or trauma. However, knee pain often occurs as a result of repetitive incorrect loads.

The foot and the knee are close together in the kinetic chain. "Kinetic chain" refers to how muscles and joints interact throughout the body to produce movements. The fact is: foot movements control rotations in the knee joint through ankle joint movements. In addition, there are several muscles that interact between the foot and the knee joint. It is easy to understand that the foot can be a central causal factor for pain and discomfort in the knees.

Incorrect shoes can contribute to intensifying the pain. For example, shoes that lead the foot into overpronation (an exaggerated inward roll of the foot) will cause the calf to also rotate inward and cause an unfavorable twisting in the knee joint.

How can GaitLine help with sore knees?

GaitLine is designed to balance the foot through the stride in combination with optimal support and cushioning. This reduces the problem of incorrect loading in the knees.

Try them yourself to experience a whole new experience with support and balance of the foot.

Perfect shoes! A whole new experience with support under the foot, no pain in the knees after a walk! - Ellen

"Shoes with good shock absorption and stability can reduce knee pain and improve function" - The impact of footwear on knee pain on people with osteoarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. by H.J. Mens, J.Barr, and K.L. Brown

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